:: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 ::

Now let's shift to another kind of football.

Yay! The Patriots have finally ended New England's championship drought for any of their sportsteam since Larry Bird led the Celtics to its last NBA championship in 1986. Showing nerves of steel, they upended the much-favored Rams by scoring the last 3 points on a field goal by Viniateri. They led 17-3 in the 1st half until the Rams caught up 17-17 in the last quarter. With the clock winding down, Viniateri kicked a long one from more than 40 yards away.

Tom Brady came out as the MVP. Tough one for the no.4 quarterback reserve who rose to no.2 quickly. Then when Bledsoe got injured, he ably led the Patriots to win the AFC plum and then finally, SuperBowl XXXVI.

All of New England especially Boston must really be proud. That only means one thing --- there's party everywhere in Beantown!

Got a message from a fellow American football fan... and a Patriot fan at that! Check her out at Nowhereville, USA .

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