:: Wednesday, March 13, 2002 ::

Last night's football game in Alabang gave me the much-needed confidence to be scoring goals again. Lately, I haven't scored a goal that really drives home a point(meaning a net-ripping shot) until last night. The ball came from a low-driven cross from the right flank. I rushed and took a first-time shot. The keeper never saw the ball went past him! My teammates then rampaged for 5 straight goals! When we thought that the other already gave up, they answered with a couple of goals to narrow down the margin. Luckily, we were able to hold on and I again scored for a 9-6 win.

It felt good. Hope there'll be more nights like that.

'til next game...

:: rene 3/13/2002 07:01:00 PM [+] ::