:: Monday, July 01, 2002 ::

Yesterday, I went to a Barnes and Noble branch near my place. The place always entralls me with the wealth of books that they carry. I went straight to the ARTS section as was looking for some inspiration watercolor books and found lots of them there. I didn't know which one to buy. Eventually, I ended up not buying anything. I was overwhelmed !

Actually, PowerBooks in Megamall and PageOne in Rockwell might have been patterned after these kind of U.S. bookstores. It's quite appealing for the public to enjoy the books first and if you really like them, then you buy them. Unlike in National Bookstore, where you have to look around first before tearing the book's plastic cover apart. Hehehe!

One could even sleep on the sofa inside BN ! That I have to see at PageOne or PowerBooks.

:: rene 7/01/2002 07:37:00 AM [+] ::