:: Sunday, October 19, 2003 ::

Being the fan that I am and since I knew that Gerry would be in Tagaytay starting yesterday, I shamelessly asked him if he can spare me a few minutes for that Gerry Alanguilan sketch I had been longing for. Gladly he obliged!

So we set up to meet at 4pm at Tagaytay Country Hotel where I also met his wife, Ilyn. Man, I tell you --- it was just like meeting old friends. Gerry initially suggested we grab a bite at Mushroom Burger but since it was still early, I decided to show them one of Tagaytay's(or Batangas') nice spots -- Caleruega.

After immortalizing a few scenes on Gerry's spanking brand new digicam, we left for the burger joint. I got a mushroom cheeseburger and after the first bite, it was then I realized what I was missing out all those years that I just ignored the place. Geesh! I'm going back there this Sunday with my wife! Haha!

We capped the meeting off with a round of hot coffee at Starbucks Tagaytay. Since the "ber" months started, it has been quite chilly already and the toasty atmostphere inside the shop served well to warm us up.

Around 7pm, Gerry and Ilyn had to go and dine with some friends at Leslie's. I also had to go because a *little bit of extra work* was waiting for me at the office.

All in all, the meet was good... very good I should say. :-)

ps --- that *little bit of extra work waiting for me at the office* held me there until 11pm last night! damn day job!

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