:: Friday, December 05, 2003 ::

Personally, I thought last night's Christmas party was a dud. Aside from those organizing genuises who planned for an outdoor party(It didn't cross their mind that it would rain --- and it DID rain!!!), the whole buffet dinner was also total mess! People queued to their respestive color-coded buffet stations and the lines snaked everywhere. It must have taken at least 30 minutes for me to get food!

"Regine" turned out to be better than I expected. She/he was really good at those impromptu lines. And I couldn't believe she really sung and sounded like the real Regine Velasquez! How in the hell did that happen?!

That's "Regine" and Miko Palaka... este Palanca(who turned out to be more of a dud!)

:: rene 12/05/2003 05:02:00 PM [+] ::