:: Sunday, March 07, 2004 ::

The past two weekends have been VERY grueling - I had been driving up north on both occasions! The first weekend, I was in La Union, then just last night, I got home from Baguio for a friend's wedding. Though I may be tired and all, both trips gave me the realization that I could moonlight as a bus driver. Hehe!

On a sidenote, I took some snaps and here they are...

Where we stayed...

Ribeye Tapa For Breakfast

Recreated my fave grade one sketch and saw it framed at Lil' John's the next day. Yahoo!

Baguio certainly have its share of flowers.

My friend getting down and dirty with the Lapu-lapu

For me, SM is definitely out of place in Baguio...

Going gaga over Supes!

Lining Up For The Ride

Reality Passing By

Getting A Break

More of Baguio's reality show...

Something For The Tourists

PMA Stumps!

Expressway Rest Area: A Welcome Oasis

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