:: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 ::

Never had the slightest idea that I'd be on the road... err, air... as soon as I got back from Cebu a few days ago. Now, I'm here at Changi Airport in Singapore waiting for my 2:55pm flight to KL. It was a helter skelter affair to start with this morning at the Centennial 2 airport. Once again, our guys there have proven their classic inefficiency handling those very basic airport procedures. Having chosen to Park N' Fly, I arrived 2 hours earlier of my flight thinking I could still get some breakfast after checking in. But no! The check-in officers made sure that our plane was already boarding passengers before they got through all of us! What made it worse was the long queue at the immigration desks. I guess that was rather unusual for the day because a TV crew(GMA, I think) covered the whole mess and some reporter was pointing it out. So if you see me on the tele tonight, don't be surprised to see me snickering. Hehe!

I'm now looking at this very nice BenQ LCD monitor and thinking how I can fit this damn thing in my bag. I got to get one of these... in the future.

As usual, I hope to take a few snaps while I'm in KL and once I get back, I'll post a couple of them here. :-)

:: rene 3/31/2004 09:27:00 PM [+] ::