:: Sunday, August 08, 2004 ::

Evening Walk to the Petronas Twin Towers

First Glimpse of the Other Twin... that's the Maxis Building on its left.

Majestic and Awesome in the Tallest Order!

7am Morning Light in Downtown KL

Squeaky Clean Sidewalks

Green-Roofed Overpass... hey, just like in Dasmariņas!

Art Poster

Morning Commute

Pathway at KLCC Theme Park

In the Middle... almost

Runner's Delight -- Rubber Tracks in the Park!

Morning Ritual

Round. Shiny. Pointy.

Sesame Street is Brought to You By the Letter H...

Twin Flowers and Twin Towers

Monorail Track

And of course, Menara means Tower. A word I saw everywhere here.

Hard As A Rock in KL

Walking On Sidewalk Patterns

Neck Breaking View Of the KL Tower

Over here, its camels jumping over menaras and Not sheeps jumping over fences! Haha!

Bollywood Shooting in the Heart of KL

Suria KLCC: Shopper's Heaven

Red Earth

Afternoon Nap on the Train

Homeward Bound

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