:: Thursday, January 10, 2002 ::

Okay... So it does work. Sorry if I sounded like a cynic. Somehow when you're online, there's always a chance of messing things up... whether it's caused by you, by a server, or by a badly created website. Hehehe! Blog*Spot is doing a good job though.

You might be wondering - "What's with the "duway-duway" thing?!!!". Well folks, it's a personal word I coined when I was still two years old. In vernacular Cebuano(the dialect which I speak), it's supposedly "drowing-drowing" or "drawing-drawing" if you want to be technical about it. I love to draw, sketch, paint and everything else related about it. And I started young! But being two years old, I made up my own language. And with the help of a toothless grin, I came up with "duway-duway". Mind you, I can still clearly remember those days when I wanted to "duway-duway" and ask for a pencil so I can start doodling away. My grandparents' books will be a constant reminder of those times. Why? Because that's where I scribbled and doodled my ice cream cones and my stick houses!

Now, after 25 years that "duway-duway" was coined, it still carries the same meaning(as what that two-year old wanted to say) and more. It still means, "I want to draw... I want to sketch... I want to paint... and I want to express what I feel in any which way I can... whether through this blog, through the arts or on the football(soccer to you Yanks out there) field, which incidentally is the game I love to play and get passionate with.

This blog will be about all those and more. If I'd have the time, I would update this as often as I can. Like today, I had already written two entries including this one! Goes to show I'm not doing anything related to my day job. Hehehe! Oh well, I'll take these kind of days anytime. Ho-hum.

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