:: Sunday, January 20, 2002 ::

While I consider myself to be a true-blue football player and fanatic, I still made room for other sports. One of these is American Football. Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to its rules, I did find some logic as to why they keep banging each other's heads off on the field. The offensive team(the one with the quarterback on) will try to inch their way to the endzone for a touchdown while the opposing team will defend with all their brute and might to stop them. That's how simple it is really. It's just like basketball or soccer. Now, I find myself cheering whenever I watch a game.
Last Sunday I cheered... for the New England Patriots. It has been forever since they last entered the playoffs. Much more top their division! When I was in Boston, most people I talked to were not too optimistic about the home team's chances at the start of the season. Add to that the controversy with Tom Brady(the fill-in qb) getting the nod from the head coach to start the game... FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON(!!!)... while sidelining their star quarterback Drew Bledsoe even if he was already activated from the injured list. There was an uproar especially with the pro-Bledsoe fans. But last sunday, Brady proved all his non-believers wrong.

It was already the playoffs. They were up against the vaunted Oakland Raiders led by Jerry Rice. They were down 10 points with a few minutes to go. Then Brady made his move. He instigated a run by scoring a touchdown himself. With under a minute to go, they punted to tie the game. Overtime. Then a chance to win the game with a punt came. They went for it. And the rest is history.

Go Patriots!

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