:: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 ::

I thought last Sunday's football(I mean soccer this time) game in Ateneo was gonna be one of those laid back ones we always have. Unfortunately, it wasn't ! I was in for a surprise when I saw that our opponents in full force together with their girlfriends and wives. They must have gotten there an hour earlier than our set time of 2:45pm which was good since it is a footballer's practice to do so. I too arrived early because I mistimed my departure from Cavite. I drove off early and found myself in Katipunan just an hour later ! Crap ! Could have gotten a decent lunch. Instead I just snacked on siomai. Geesh !

Anyways, our opponents call themselves Los Burrachos. Think the core team is from San Beda. And I think they're pretty well organized too. Someone from their group volunteered to referee the game. Now, if this was just a mere scrimmage no referees were needed. But they must had been serious about this one ! This made cringe even more since I haven't played for 3 weeks already and knowing that this was no easy game.

Los Burrachos immediately stamped their dominance by scoring three early goals - much to our dismay. Fortunately, we pulled one back before the half ended courtesy of Sammy Tang's scrappy goal in the box when I floated in a corner kick for a 3-1 score. Everything changed though in the 2nd half when we continued to be aggressive on the ball. We tied the game at 3-3 and eventually won 5-3 ! Hahahaha! That game must be a kick in the butt for our opponents. Oh well, as we always say, "The ball is round. Anybody can win the game as long as the fat lady has not yet sung ---- or something like that."

:: rene 2/12/2002 07:31:00 PM [+] ::