:: Monday, March 04, 2002 ::

I feel feverish today. Worse, my head feels so heavy and I just wanna lie down. Arghh! This actually started early yesterday but I decided to brush it off since I was gonna play football that night. Somehow as I was driving on the expressway to Ayala Alabang, I felt queasy that I had to steady my hands on the steering wheel. Anyways, I got to Cuenca Park just in time but we still started late since people didn't start to come in at about 8:30pm! My legs were wobbly and I knew there was something wrong because I had to gasp for air after every run. Eventually, I started to warm up and was enjoying the game until we finished at 10:00pm.

Boy, the drive home seemed so long! And now, I got a runny nose and a sore body to boot. There goes football fanaticism for you... ;-p

:: rene 3/04/2002 07:40:00 PM [+] ::