:: Thursday, June 20, 2002 ::

Been out for almost 3 months! Had celebrated a birthday last April, went home to Cebu for a vacation, played a one day 7-a-side tournament(Cris Monfort Cup) in Ateneo and had been doing alot of painting stuff for my group's(Cebu Art Association) art exhibit at Waterfront Lahug. Whew! Did I justify enough my absence? Hehehe!

Anyways, I hope to be blogging again daily. I'll be off to Boston tomorrow. Work-related but of course you can always squeeze in alot of pleasure. :-)

Can't wait. It'll be my third time around in Massachusetts. I'm attached to the place already! Who wouldn't? I was there last summer, fall and winter --- the change of seasons was just wonderful. And I got three 300-photo capacity albums to prove it. It's summertime again when I go there tomorrow. I can again play tennis until 9pm outside.

My trip now will be short but I'll try to post as many pictures as I can. Bye now. Gotta pack. :-)

:: rene 6/20/2002 07:32:00 PM [+] ::