:: Monday, July 08, 2002 ::

Five more days and I'm out of here ! Yeah ! It's not that I'm tired of Boston. It's just that I miss home and I especially miss my babe. ;-)

I practically stayed the whole time inside the apartment last weekend ! After all that walking and waiting and cheering last 4th of July, my hamstrings were aching and my voice was hoarse. Anyways, I also spent the time finishing up the watercolor painting I started --- which I hope I could post a picture of when it's done. I think I'll be done with the washes and all tonight. Then tomorrow, I'll put in the coup de grace. And of course my signature. :-)

Trixy's already there in Oregon. I'm sure I'll be reading more of her SATC-like blogs --- the U.S. version. Hey Trix, if you're reading this - what's your number there?

:: rene 7/08/2002 08:02:00 AM [+] ::