:: Sunday, July 28, 2002 ::

I took a snapshot of the watercolor painting I did while I was in Boston. Good thing I finished it just in time before I left. With all the trouble my brushes(the other end of the brushes were pointed and were deemed to be potential weapons... "I'm going to brush you to death!") and rolled Arches watercolor paper(its canister must have looked to those airport guys like a holder for a nuclear warhead) had caused me at the airport, I know I had to produce something out of it.

I'm putting this one on exhibit along with another one I'm painting right now. If you'll be in Cebu around Sept. 7 and 14, you could catch us(Cebu Art Association) at Waterfront Cebu.

So here it is:

If you want to save it or something, please tell me so that I'll know where it's going. Thanks.

I was hiking up in Sagada 2 years ago with friends and took a shot of this dragonfly which was a couple of feet from us. Luckily, my 70-210mm zoom lens was the one attached to my SLR ! This is a lucky shot and immediately became a candidate subject for me to paint because I was enthralled with the way the hard midday light struck the leaves thus defining them and their veins. I just wanted to paint this right away. Unfortunately, it was only after two years that I'm able to. Luckily, I was still able to capture the light the way it's supposed to be. The original painting is 11x17 inches without the frame.

I'm still cooking up a nice title for this. Appreciate if you guys could suggest some. :-)

:: rene 7/28/2002 07:34:00 PM [+] ::