:: Sunday, August 25, 2002 ::

I came back from Baguio yesterday. What a roadtrip it was! My first time driving there and going up, I chosed Kennon Road for the initial rites. Most people I talked to before the trip suggested I take that path instead of Marcos Highway and Naguilian Road. It was like using your Who Wants to be a Millionaire "ask-the-audience" lifeline. The histograph showed Kennon taking in the most votes.

The sceneries along the way were very inspiring. Small waterfalls would still drip by the roadside. Lots of green fauna around. What's scary though are those landslide-riddled ridges. Even a small rock could derail and plunge you down the ravines. Then there are those hell-bound drivers who still overtakes everybody at the wrong spots and turns. Those rock and gravel filled trucks from the quarry sites are very dangerous too. They're moving at 5kph uphill and passing ahead of them can be tricky with only the slimmest margin for your car to get by. Geesssh!

Anyways, I got to Baguio safe and that's what mattered. I didn't try to negotiate the bustling city streets though. Just parked the car and enjoyed commuting with some of the Philippines most honest taxi drivers. I still got my 1 Peso change!

I like Baguio. The weather's nice and cool. But one thing that's not cool though --- too many people on the streets!

:: rene 8/25/2002 10:11:00 PM [+] ::