:: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 ::

Every since I came out unscathed from a head-on collision of my Dodge Stratus and a streaking Chevrolet truck(back in '99 when I was in Massachusetts), I had always thought that I have Superman's powers. Hehe! Hey, gimme a break! It's not everyday that one can still be alive after totalling his car on an onrushing truck. I know it was really stupid and to think that I had a passenger with me then. Thank God we didn't even get a scratch! But don't ask about the car. Being dragged behind a towtruck was my last glimpse of it. And besides, the wailing sirens of the police, the 911 ambulance and firetrucks was more than enough to make my memory hazy.

Ok, enough reminiscin'.

When I came back here and driving for over a year now, I still have that Superman feeling about me. I'm not reckless or anything but I don't usually budge to those undisciplined drivers na gustong sumingit. I don't care if I get hit as long as I'm on the right lane. Bangga na kung bangga. But lately, I'm getting more cautious. It's not fear I think. It's more like feeling responsible. Responsible to my wife and responsible to my unborn kids. Wife... kids... I like the sound of those.

:: rene 6/18/2003 03:51:00 AM [+] ::