:: Monday, August 18, 2003 ::

Our department at work will have a mini-Olympics today and since last week, most people have been trash talking already. Every team have their own claims of superiority. Almost always it's just pure talk. Hehe! Since we're connected with our San Jose, CA office - we decided to call ourselves, San Jose Sharks. Yeah, from the hockey team of the same state. Pretty unimaginative huh?

Anyways, after the design was finalized, we decided to have t-shirts printed with it. So went sent off the design and shirts to a friend's printing shop and awhile ago, we finally got the shirts.

But the look on our faces upon seeing the printed shirts were looks of DISMAY! Damn! As if some 1-year old kid played with a silkscreen and decided to print the shirts himself. We trusted the guy since he has already gone commercial with the printing stuff and so it was assumed that he can do it fairly well. But he proved us wrong. And I'm more pissed because I was the one who suggested that we get him to do the job. Wait 'til he hears it from me. Damn!

Guess there'll be no repeat customers for him from this side of town... tsk, tsk, tsk...

:: rene 8/18/2003 12:44:00 AM [+] ::