:: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 ::

... Italian teenage boy hitch-hikes 1,200 miles to see Swedish holiday romance "girlfriend", finds out he's dumped !


A 15-year-old Italian boy was given the cold shoulder after hitchhiking 1,250 miles to see a Swedish girl he fell in love with on holiday.

The schoolboy met the 17-year-old on holiday in the US and couldn't stop thinking about her when he got home to Milan.

So he hitchhiked to Sweden where he was picked up by police at a service station only 110 miles from his destination of Taeby, near Stockholm.

Police spokesman Mikael Kinaa said: "He told us he was meeting up with his girlfriend living in Stockholm."

Officers found out the boy had been reported missing in Italy, and put his father in touch with the girl's father - who agreed the youngsters could meet up.

However, when the girl's father arrived to pick the boy up, he took him straight to the airport as his daughter had decided he was an already forgotten holiday romance.

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