:: Thursday, September 25, 2003 ::

... at Real Madrid? Rivaldo that's who! Yeah, he's that other Brazilian superstar playing alongside Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos among others.

He presently stuck at AC Milan's bench and had only played a few games for his new team since his transfer from Barcelona FC. He was fairly successful in Spain but it's sad to know that he's now languishing at Milan's bench. The arrival of fellow Brazilian, Kaka(that upstart young midfielder), didn't help his cause as the kid is making more first team appearances than Rivaldo.

But now, Ronaldo comes to the rescue and will try to convince Madrid's owner to get Rivaldo. Hmmm, that should be an interesting story to follow in the days to come. A new superstar addition just months after signing Beckham is surely gonna enrage the football world. But what's there to complain about? The best players just want to play with their own kind.

I'm not complaining. Hehehe!

:: rene 9/25/2003 08:05:00 PM [+] ::