:: Sunday, September 28, 2003 ::

It has been awhile since I actually sketched outdoors or do anything plein air. The Komikero meet yesterday gave me an excuse to do it again as well as meeting new friends and *famous people*.

I was bent on taking the Alaminos route going to San Pablo but ended up passing by Los Baņos(which was a BAD idea!) because I must have took the wrong exit. Traffic was a drag and it took me an extra hour to get there. Since I didn't know where Sampaloc Lake was, I used the most effective way to reach the place - hire a tricycle for me to follow. Hehe! The funny thing was, the tricycle driver didn't want to accept any payment for the trouble. Ang bait naman ng mga taga-San Pablo. But of course, I still gave him the money. I took his kindness in but I knew he needed to pay for his gasoline.

So anyways, I met up with the Komikero group headed by Gerry at the Sampaloc Lake Park which was just beside the lake itself. After awhile, we went down beside the lake and found ourselves a couple of benches where we started sketching and drawing. All in all, I think it was a successful meet and I would love to go there again. The group is a fun bunch sharing their love for comics and sketching/drawing for this matter.

I made two sketches but I have yet to scan them. I took alot of pictures though. Unfortunately, this might take a while to download as I'll be posting around 11 of them.

By the way, I also bought my first indie comic, Jac Strips for You, by Jac Ting Lim. Nice!

Flapjack Lily --- with cigarette butt!

Lakeside Life

Fishing for Lunch

"Isda isda, kagatin mo naman ang pa-in ko..."

Signs of Life

Fishy Playground

Brewing Rain

Four is Definitely a Crowd

San Pablo Landmark

The Famous Ones and Those Hairy Hands

Komikero Group Before the Rain that Drove Us Away

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