:: Sunday, October 05, 2003 ::

There was a monster on the road yesterday... MONSTER of a traffic that is! I entered SouthSuper from the Fort Bonifacio entrance at 3:00pm. By 3:10pm, I was already at the Alabang area and that's where it started. Traffic was crawling really bad and I had no idea what was happening! It was Sunday and it was the least that I expected. I initially thought it was just because of the merging vehicles from the Filinvest exit but after an hour and just moving 10 meters --- I knew there was something wrong --- an accident maybe.

Two hours later, I reached the Petron gas station and saw a couple of cars park by the roadside. Figured there was something up ahead that made them stop and think it over if they'll continue driving or not. Then there it was --- a section of the road was FLOODED! Some vehicles stopped because they didn't think they could get over the flood waters. But having had no breakfast and lunch(another story) that day made me determined enough to drive through that damn water!

What was very sad to see was how people can be so STUPID and SWAPANG at times like these. You can imagine that area between the southbound and northbound SouthSuper roads, right? Well, most people going north to Manila had crossed it and counterflowed to the ones going south! After crossing the floodwaters, we only had one lane left for us because northbound vehicles had practically taken over both roads!

That incident yesterday somehow strengthened my decision to leave for the Germany job. Already got an offer sheet from that company. If all goes well with the visas and stuff, we'll be out of here before the year ends.

Then I wouldn't have to drive through another traffic like that!

:: rene 10/05/2003 08:18:00 PM [+] ::