:: Sunday, December 07, 2003 ::

Komikeros launching the San Pablo Comics Art Festival

Johnny's Bootylicious Butt

Hey Petite! If you're reading this, I vouch that Mark really went to the comic fest and not to some red light district. Hehe!

The Brains behind the Festival

Fanboys, Johnny and Geoff, getting Carlo Vergara's sketch

Presenting the Official Komikero Mascot himself, Johnny "The Butt" Danganan!

A heavenly sight for Jonas: A chick admiring his works

Jonas driving his point about how the Komikeros are driving the chicks insane. We wish!

Az and Gerry getting reading to start the festival

Ryan selling comics while Johnny is dancing to attract customers

That's all folks. I had to get home early to beat the Dasmarinas traffic. Fiesta kasi sa mga kapitbahay namin ngayon!

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