:: Thursday, December 04, 2003 ::

Things to do today and over the weekend:

1. Company Xmas Party - our party organizers felt that we needed a much need morale booster so they hired "Regine Velasquez" to host it. Much to our dismay though, "Regine Velasquez" turned out to be the Regine Velasquez gay impersonator! Ate Glow would have been livelier I guess. Haha!

2. Wake up as early as 3am tomorrow and drive up to Caliraya for that fishing trip-cum-xmas party with apartment-mates and house-mates.

3. Attend xmas EB of Ph-Photo. I wish!!!

4. Again wake up early on Sunday and again drive down south to San Pablo for the KOMIKERO ARTS FESTIVAL. This will be fun and I'm not missing it. Will be bringing my Superman Birthrights and hopefully have them signed by Gerry.

5. Squeeze in two caricature drawings that somebody paid for. Hehe!

:: rene 12/04/2003 06:41:00 PM [+] ::