:: Saturday, March 20, 2004 ::

During last Thursday's trip to Pandin, I decided to use my film slr for a change. Having had the luxury, for quite sometime now, of getting a preview everytime I take shots with my digicam -- it was scary taking pictures and not seeing them until the negs get developed. Nevertheless, it forced me get back to the basics of what photography is all about -- manual settings baby!

Just had my negs scanned tonight...

My First Glimpse of Pandin

Tranquil Living

Nearing The Shore

Water For Home

Local Cowboy

Riding The Narrow Trails

Do They Own The Lake?

Narrow and Winding

Looking Through The Banana Tree

Simply Breathtaking!

Bragging About The Day's Catch

A Little Bit of Vanity.

Banana Leaves For Your Binalot

"Magpahuli Ka Naman... Gutom Na Kami"

Grazing After A Day's Work

Going Home From School

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