:: Saturday, July 24, 2004 ::

Right across this internet cafe at SM Baguio where I'm now typing this entry, I can see Baguio's mountains covered with a thick fog and all wet with this heavy rain that started when the clock struck noon. Hahay! So damn cold outside!! But I'm soaking it all up before I head back to Cavite tomorrow morning. :-)

Oh by the way, that caricature in the previous entry... it can also be found here. But no, I'm not a Pinoy from Singapore. Just a Cebuano living in Cavite. Hehe! Quite an honor for me that he put it there. Though I didn't expect it. Really. I can't thank him enough. But I'm telling him again though. As we say in Cebuano slang, Matsalams!

:: rene 7/24/2004 01:53:00 AM [+] ::