:: Monday, July 05, 2004 ::

The aftermath of EURO 2004 early this morning(2:45am) left one team standing -- the Greeks. In a tournament that started with an upset, it was quite befitting that it also ended with an upset. But then again, that final game WASN'T at all pretty!

In my opinion, that was one of the most boring matches I had ever seen. You can quote me on that. The first 5 minutes started with Portugal very strong in attack. The Greeks on the other hand were deflecting every imaginable shot that Figo and Co. were creating. Then 30 minutes had gone by and the Portugese still haven't cracked the defense. That's when I predicted that if they can't score in the 1st half, they would eventually lose the game. And lose they did!

60-40! 60-40! Portugal had possession of ball 60% of the time but they couldn't do something with it. It was frustrating to see Deco and Ronaldo falling after every challenge. Figo was ineffective from the wings.

Greece had pathetic chances themselves but they did one thing right though -- score from a set play. That was all they needed. They hung on to their 1-nil lead and now they're champions of Europe. Figo said that the Greeks should be given credit for being "effective". Oh yeah, but they could bore me to death anytime.

And now, I've got eyebags the size of watermelons...

"A dejected Deco walk away while the Greeks celebrate"

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