:: Monday, August 30, 2004 ::

The last time I met up with Gerry and the rest of the Komikeros was way back last January. That was when I resigned from ADI and the new day job was just easing in. But when work started to kick in, I found myself spending more time travelling than staying put in the country. And worse of all, I kept missing all the fun that the Komikeros are involved in. Argh!

So when this month's meet-up was set yesterday, I knew just had to go and dare not miss the chance to relax and unwind -- to do nothing but sketch and draw(to which we later found out that there were more things to do than just sketch and draw, Thanks to Johnny and Jonas! Grrr! hehe!). 'Twas perfect timing that I just got back from Malaysia and work hasn't called up yet.

Well I got to UP Los Baņos around 9am just barely beating the infamous traffic jam at Olivares. Gerry, Jonas, Johnny and Raipo were already there. Then Gerry and Johnny left for awhile to meet with Mar Amongo, another great Pinoy comic artist that Gerry was able to track down. When we were finally complete again, we had a quick lunch and headed off to the Botanical Gardens. This was when I had vivid thoughts on how to strangle Johnny, the main tour guide, as he guided us to every uphill and downhill paths he can possibly think of. But of course, I can't strangle Johnny as he's nearing the summit of his superstar status as Gerry's inspiration for Johnny Balbona appearing in Mwahaha! Comics.

Johnny Balbona. Stolen from Gerry's Journal.

And even if I do succeed to strangle Johnny, I'd suffer the consequences of having to face the ire of his ever-growing fan base. That would be my life-ender there. So I decided to ward off those thoughts and played "papparazzi" on everyone.

Here's everybody, except me... Hehe!

Here's Jooooohhhhnnnnnnny!

The King Komikero

A Rockstar In The Making

Raipo teaching us this new yoyo trick -- doing the loop-the-loop while getting booger out of your nose. Hehe!

Jerald in Artist Mode. Naks!

Jac Browsing Through Jerald's Artwork

Getting Comfy with a Comic Book After A Day's Hike

Ginebra... Bilog and Mundo

Talking about Girls, err... Comics of course!

Sa Pagseseryoso Nagsisimula ang Lahat!

Johnny and Henry

I don't think there something gay about this... it's just two men daydreaming. Hehe!

More Johnny Balbona vanity shots... for his fans

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