:: Sunday, October 17, 2004 ::

Been awhile since I last set foot on a football pitch. In fact, it has been over a year already since I last played competitively in a tournament. Work just got in the way(and laziness too!) while my football gears just gathered dust in my car's trunk.

Then two weeks ago, I got a surprise email from a Japanese friend, whom I used to work with in the same company before, saying that he's coming over again and was hoping to play while he'll be here. I had to frantically arrange something since I had lost most of my football contacts. Luckily, my friend Dave who now coaches LaSalle Zobel have friends who practice every Saturday in Laguna.

So finally, yesterday we got to run and kick some balls in U.P. Los Baņos. Really nice field they got there except for some sick bastard who left his sh*t on one part of the field. All the time, we were all trying not to step on it! Haha!

Images from yesterday(no shit!):

Noriel, Dave, Takanori Ichikawa, Some Fat Guy

Some Fat Guy and Ichi

Ichi-san! Apart from his Product Analysis job at ADI, he moonlights as a boy-band member in Japan. Just kidding! Haha!

Dave-san! (Dave Fegidero, former national football team player)

Kids -- Getting the simple pleasure of seeing their faces instantly after taking their pictures!

U.P. Los Baņos Football Field

Dinnertime View

Asian Touch

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