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For the record, I'm not a superstitious and I don't believe in that mumbo-jumbo reincarnation stuff. Though those topics would make a great read, I couldn't bring myself to believe something "mysterious" if I haven't seen or experienced it myself. But two months ago, I found something "coincidental" which amused me.

After that engagement pictorial I mentioned in my previous post, we found ourselves in Fr. Blanco's Garden and in fact, a couple of frames were shot there. After getting into one of those big doors near the area, it took us inside the San Agustin Church.

The hallway that greeted us was where all those old paintings were hanging. As I was looking around, I found this painting of a Spanish friar whose paints have already dulled over time. In my mind, I was thinking that people connected to conserving these arts should do a better job in keeping them preserved. This is how it looked like:

Painting of a Spanish Friar... sorry for the pic quality... low light + nikon cp4500 = bad picture...

From afar, I could see that the artist signed his name at the lower left corner of the framed art. I've seen some of these old paintings in Santo Niņo de Cebu and it's rare to find one with an actual signature of the painter. With this, the art caught my eye and I moved closer to see who the artist was. This is the artist's signature:

"Namesake" from another time? R.Enriquez of the 17th century. Haha!

Well I guess you should know that ever since I started, this is how I sign my drawings and paintings:

Eastern Bluebird

Circa 1999

Sagada Dragon

Circa 2002

Four Is A Crowd

Circa 2002

Apo Hiking Society(caricature)

Circa 2004

Hmmm... this is amusing. ;-)

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