:: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 ::

This greeting welcomed us when we took a 2-day sidetrip to Bohol(*gasp*, again!). Got back yesterday night and of course, pictures abound. Hehe! The rain was on-off but that didn't dampen our enthusiasm to tour Bohol the second time around. My D70 was also equally eager to cover our trip. The cloudy coverage actually served its "diffuser" purpose very well. My shots came out more saturated that they were last year.

Oh and by the way, if you haven't been to Bohol -- GO! You're missing one-half of your lives if you don't. Hehe!

Tommy, the Tarsier

Some crazy guy wanting to eat Tommy the Tarsier or getting angry with him for not facing front when he had his picture taken with him. Freaky dude!

Panaghoy sa Suba... Call of the River... Cesar Montano produced, directed and acted. I don't know if that's something to rave about since I'm not exactly a CM fan. But one thing I know that's good about this movie... it showcases Bohol and mainly, the Loboc River. This will surely open our eyes to how the Boholanos have very well taken cared of their "suba". Impressive!

Bamboo Raft by the Loboc River

Habal-habal amidst Bilar's Man-made Forest

Still Chocolatey!

River Threesome. How romantic!

Peeling My Green Mango. Makes my mouth water just writing this. Damn!

Hanging Bridge: A Lesson in One-point Perspective

With Hope in His Eyes

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