:: Saturday, March 05, 2005 ::

Yesterday, I finally bought a thicker jacket at Windance Mall, just a stone throw away from my hotel. It was both amusing and frustrating to make a transaction with those salesgirls who didn't know an ounce of English! Amusing because we were never on the same page about the jacket's price. The tag showed 790NT but they punched 860NT on the calculator. They were speaking Mandarin. I was speaking English. It was pure chaos!

The frustrating part was I wanted the jacket but needed an explanation first why the price shot up to 860NT. If I could only understand what they were saying. Arghhh!

So finally I called my Taiwanese colleague and asked him to talk with the salesgirls. Apparently, 790NT was the sale price and their promo just ended. 860NT was the new promo price. I got the explanation and I bought the item. Problem solved.

Then I got my Latte fix at a Starbucks' mall branch where I got to sketch a few characters. It's been awhile since I last did this. I did the lineworks as fast as I could and just threw in the colors later. This Van Gogh watercolor kit is serving me good stead!

Extra Work

Pen, Paper and Coffee

Waiting For Her Order

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