:: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 ::

Mga Retrato ni Gerry

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"Woof! Woof!". Or should I say, "Cough! Cough!" Finally, the cough and cold virus sweeping over everybody else have caught me. Yipee! Shit!

I had already been feeling that itch in my throat over the weekend and last Monday's trip to Manila aggravated the irritation and now, its full blown! Why do I blame that trip? Largely because it was hot as hell that day and crossing EDSA on foot isn't the most refreshing thing to do on a sunny day --- with the smoke belching buses and all.

The National Statistics Office main branch for application of personal documents is at East Avenue, QC and since I haven't been there before, I decided to park my car at SM Megamall and just took a cab figuring it would easier. And I was so glad I did! Traffic was really bad and the cab driver had to take an alternate route. NSO has this program called Serbilis and was supposed to speed up your application of your birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. I think the whole application process was done without much hassle, except for those people who can't understand that their numbers aren't called yet but would rather chose to stand and block the path of those whose numbers have already been called! Geeesh! I was almost tempted to ask one bozo, "May sunog ba?!!". 'pag sumagot, "Wala naman." Then I'd snapped back, "Eh bakit ka nagmamadali?!". Whew!

After the NSO, POEA at the corner of EDSA and Ortigas was next on my agenda. Nothing exciting there. Just went to get the list of requirements.

Cooled off at Megamall and bought Gerry's Wasted comic --- finally! Not for the faint of heart, I tell you. But damn a damn good story!

'Twas really a tiring day and I immediately flopped on my bed when I got home. And the morning after that, I was already barking like a dog! Aww! Aww! Cough! Cough!

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:: Monday, October 20, 2003 ::

Maybe I should edit out the last sentence in my previous post. Because right after I posted that entry, our company's surfcontrol software just blocked my site out! Arghh! Seems they have those words in their keywords list and bans an employee's website if found to contain those "offensive" words.


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:: Sunday, October 19, 2003 ::

Being the fan that I am and since I knew that Gerry would be in Tagaytay starting yesterday, I shamelessly asked him if he can spare me a few minutes for that Gerry Alanguilan sketch I had been longing for. Gladly he obliged!

So we set up to meet at 4pm at Tagaytay Country Hotel where I also met his wife, Ilyn. Man, I tell you --- it was just like meeting old friends. Gerry initially suggested we grab a bite at Mushroom Burger but since it was still early, I decided to show them one of Tagaytay's(or Batangas') nice spots -- Caleruega.

After immortalizing a few scenes on Gerry's spanking brand new digicam, we left for the burger joint. I got a mushroom cheeseburger and after the first bite, it was then I realized what I was missing out all those years that I just ignored the place. Geesh! I'm going back there this Sunday with my wife! Haha!

We capped the meeting off with a round of hot coffee at Starbucks Tagaytay. Since the "ber" months started, it has been quite chilly already and the toasty atmostphere inside the shop served well to warm us up.

Around 7pm, Gerry and Ilyn had to go and dine with some friends at Leslie's. I also had to go because a *little bit of extra work* was waiting for me at the office.

All in all, the meet was good... very good I should say. :-)

ps --- that *little bit of extra work waiting for me at the office* held me there until 11pm last night! damn day job!

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:: Monday, October 13, 2003 ::

Can you imagine that the Expressway could be waterlogged like this?

Taken on Oct 5, 2003 with one hand on the camera and one hand on the wheel...

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:: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 ::

After Sunday's Samsung-Philippine Army Invitational Football Tournament at the ASCOM field in Fort Bonifacio, I felt like a kid all over again. Why? Because I've got bruises and wounds on both elbows and on both knees! It's like reminiscing the times when you trip yourself one too many times because you're running here and there. Hahaha!

Although, it was a pretty good day on the pitch as we won 3, drawn 1, and lost 1(by a teammates's own goal!). Think we placed second behind El Magistrado who handed us our lone loss. Next Sunday will be the last phase of the tourney and we hope to avenge that loss.

Our Division 2 group is composed of Lateo FC(my team), Xavier Alumni(our other team), Agila FC, El Magistrado, Los Burrachos and Corinthians FC. Tough group where any team could take the trophy.

I just hope there'd be no flash floods at the expressway again! !@#$!@#!@!@#@@!@@@$%$%%^!!!!

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:: Sunday, October 05, 2003 ::

There was a monster on the road yesterday... MONSTER of a traffic that is! I entered SouthSuper from the Fort Bonifacio entrance at 3:00pm. By 3:10pm, I was already at the Alabang area and that's where it started. Traffic was crawling really bad and I had no idea what was happening! It was Sunday and it was the least that I expected. I initially thought it was just because of the merging vehicles from the Filinvest exit but after an hour and just moving 10 meters --- I knew there was something wrong --- an accident maybe.

Two hours later, I reached the Petron gas station and saw a couple of cars park by the roadside. Figured there was something up ahead that made them stop and think it over if they'll continue driving or not. Then there it was --- a section of the road was FLOODED! Some vehicles stopped because they didn't think they could get over the flood waters. But having had no breakfast and lunch(another story) that day made me determined enough to drive through that damn water!

What was very sad to see was how people can be so STUPID and SWAPANG at times like these. You can imagine that area between the southbound and northbound SouthSuper roads, right? Well, most people going north to Manila had crossed it and counterflowed to the ones going south! After crossing the floodwaters, we only had one lane left for us because northbound vehicles had practically taken over both roads!

That incident yesterday somehow strengthened my decision to leave for the Germany job. Already got an offer sheet from that company. If all goes well with the visas and stuff, we'll be out of here before the year ends.

Then I wouldn't have to drive through another traffic like that!

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:: Friday, October 03, 2003 ::

My niece' birthday today. Wish we're in Cebu right now. My sister SMS'ed me that they were at SM this morning to buy some decorations for the party. She was thinking of a Hello Kitty theme and even bought some HK figurines already. But Baby Fran and his big bro Jeremy had a different idea. They were picking up Power Puff Girls' decorations instead. Hahaha! Guess they had the right to choose. It's their party anyway. Haha! Kids!

Images of the cute li'l button...

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