:: Sunday, January 25, 2004 ::

Starting the year right...

And then I could never get enough of Sampaloc Lake...

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:: Thursday, January 15, 2004 ::

Yesterday was my last day at Analog Devices and while I was making my rounds getting my clearance signed, I got the weird feeling of nostalgia settling in. Guess 5 years working for the company has something to do with it. In my first job at Timex Phils., I got to around 2 years and then at Motorola Phils to just 7 months(!). But at Analog, time just flew by.

I'm thankful though with them because my job took me to Ireland and the US(Boston, 3 times) which I never dreamed of reaching on my own. Most important of all, I met my wife there - the one great true love. And yes, there is such a thing. :-)

Now that I've left the company's confines, there's actually that tinge of self-denial that I still haven't resigned. But the reality is, I'm typing this now at some internet cafe at a mall and not in my cubicle at work.

But life goes on. And my new work is here. This is what I want.

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:: Monday, January 05, 2004 ::

Dusk at Lasallete(Silang, Cavite)

Christmas Air at ATC

Rainbow Pillows @ Our Home

Elvis at the Mall

It's Really Calm Up There(PAL flight from Ceb-Mla)



:: rene 1/05/2004 11:42:00 PM [+] ::

I was on a high enjoying the 2-week holiday break until I got jolted back into reality yesterday. Bummer!

My holidays were very well spent though. From Cavite, I drove with my wife to La Union to spend Christmas with my in-laws. Then on the 27th, we were on a PAL flight to Cebu and back here on the 30th just in time to spend our first New Year as husband and wife.

While in Cebu, I also attended our high school class reunion. Man, it has been AWHILE since we graduated from Science High! Most of us had grown sideways and some of our girls had grown in front(pregnant! haha!). But it was all good to see old faces. Some have never changed appearance while others had fattened up like me. Hehe! Others brought their kids and most of us brought our better halves.

Memories came flooding back as we strolled on our former school haunts. I think the football field was the place that elicited more memories for me. There was a time when we went there on a SUNDAY(!) just to practice without any coach telling us to. Sigh... Our good ol' crazy days...

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