:: Thursday, February 26, 2004 ::

First of all, I didn't realize I would make an empty promise of taking LOTS of pictures. Instead, I took in LOTS of food! The 5lbs I lost a month before my trip is now well compensated with 10lbs more of fat!

Nonetheless, I'm sharing the measly few that I caught...

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:: Saturday, February 07, 2004 ::

...apore tomorrow. Two weeks. Work-related. Ho-hum. Still, I'm excited because it's my first time. Having seen on the tele and read articles about Singapore had made me very curious about the whole place. I've always wanted to see personally the discipline, character and will of the people who made their country one of Asia's tigers.

Of course, there will be pictures. Lots of it. Hehe!

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:: Thursday, February 05, 2004 ::
PHLOG.Net Virgin

I'm getting the hang of this mobile photo blogging thing. Though I know it's a bit too passe for others. But what the heck!

Artwalk's Photolog

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Finally succumbed to getting a new phone a week ago. It has been three years since I bought that Nokia 8310 which was the leading phone with a radio to boot at that time. Now, its time had passed. When I checked at Virra Mall on how much I could trade it in for, it was only one-fourth its original value!!! Arghh!

That phone went through alot. Its major test though was on a mountain hike we did somewhere in Bulacan. Upon reaching a river, I TOTALLY forgot that the phone was in my pocket and dived right into the water. A good 15 minutes later, I felt it was there and I jumped out of the water and hurriedly got it out. As if it would make a difference! Haha!

True enough, a live fish was the only thing lacking inside the lcd viewing screen! Water had seeped into the holes already and by then, I knew everything inside was all wet. As this was happening, my mind was racing to think fast and think logically. Being an electronics engineer, I knew that if no power is supplied to a circuit board and its integrated circuits, water would practically have no effect on them. At work, we even wash our circuit boards that are full of components and bake them to dry. But what I couldn't recall then was if I had left my cellphone turned on or not. It was agonizing!

I took the wet 8310 apart, circuit boards and all. Dried them up under the sun while crossing my fingers hoping they were still good. Two days later, I took the parts to work. Sprayed some cleaning fluids and then assembled them back afterwards. Lo and behold, it still worked! So I guess it didn't had power on when I dunked it in the river. Whew! Tough cookie!!! But it was time to let her go. Gawd, I miss its radio. Not exactly! Haha! Not while I'm busy figuring how stuff works with this Nokia 6600. :-)

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