:: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 ::

Never had the slightest idea that I'd be on the road... err, air... as soon as I got back from Cebu a few days ago. Now, I'm here at Changi Airport in Singapore waiting for my 2:55pm flight to KL. It was a helter skelter affair to start with this morning at the Centennial 2 airport. Once again, our guys there have proven their classic inefficiency handling those very basic airport procedures. Having chosen to Park N' Fly, I arrived 2 hours earlier of my flight thinking I could still get some breakfast after checking in. But no! The check-in officers made sure that our plane was already boarding passengers before they got through all of us! What made it worse was the long queue at the immigration desks. I guess that was rather unusual for the day because a TV crew(GMA, I think) covered the whole mess and some reporter was pointing it out. So if you see me on the tele tonight, don't be surprised to see me snickering. Hehe!

I'm now looking at this very nice BenQ LCD monitor and thinking how I can fit this damn thing in my bag. I got to get one of these... in the future.

As usual, I hope to take a few snaps while I'm in KL and once I get back, I'll post a couple of them here. :-)

:: rene 3/31/2004 09:27:00 PM [+] ::

So this is what my new job is like. Three weeks ago, I was in Singapore. Five days ago, I was in Cebu. Tomorrow, I'll be in Kuala Lumpur. Hastang kapuya!!! Hahay...

:: rene 3/31/2004 01:56:00 AM [+] ::

Posting some old pictures I took on a hiking trip at Manalmon, Bulacan for a buddy who's looking for potential bike trails they could hit at. I thought that this place could very well serve some biker's appetite for adventure and scenic views. There's also a shot of Mt. Arayat taken from the top of Mt. Manalmon which I especially liked because the mountain exudes a very imposing but quiet presence on the plains of Pampanga. These pictures were taken with my trusty old 1.2Mb Olympus D-750 that I parted with a long time ago.

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:: Monday, March 29, 2004 ::

It's always a joy to be in Cebu and spend time with my nephew and niece...


Baby France

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:: Saturday, March 20, 2004 ::

During last Thursday's trip to Pandin, I decided to use my film slr for a change. Having had the luxury, for quite sometime now, of getting a preview everytime I take shots with my digicam -- it was scary taking pictures and not seeing them until the negs get developed. Nevertheless, it forced me get back to the basics of what photography is all about -- manual settings baby!

Just had my negs scanned tonight...

My First Glimpse of Pandin

Tranquil Living

Nearing The Shore

Water For Home

Local Cowboy

Riding The Narrow Trails

Do They Own The Lake?

Narrow and Winding

Looking Through The Banana Tree

Simply Breathtaking!

Bragging About The Day's Catch

A Little Bit of Vanity.

Banana Leaves For Your Binalot

"Magpahuli Ka Naman... Gutom Na Kami"

Grazing After A Day's Work

Going Home From School

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:: Thursday, March 18, 2004 ::

On short notice, Geoff and I decided to go to Lake Pandin this afternoon. I wasn't able to go with Gerry and the rest of the Komikeros the last time. And since I really need to have a look at the lake as its a possible photoshoot location for a super, top secret project we're working on... Shhhhh... Hush, hush now...

Anyways, we met up at Gerry's and proceeded immediately to Pandin while the sun was still up. And here's what I saw...

Click on the picture for a larger image. Be warned though, it's a mean 380Kb for poor dial-up users like me. :-)

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:: Monday, March 15, 2004 ::

Use to post pictures at MirrorProject. Thought it would be nice to go back to the basics again...

Like A King!

:: rene 3/15/2004 07:01:00 PM [+] ::

Was getting my tickets to Cebu the other day at Centennial 2 and while waiting for my number to be called, I busied myself with Elektra: The Assassin. Then this scene came along:

She was flaunting it. I had a fone cam. What was I supposed to do?! Look away?!!!

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:: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 ::

A couple of Komikeros met up yesterday in Alabang for some "secret stuff" that we're cooking up. If everything pulls through, I think this project should be BIG! But I'm keeping mum about this for now. Hehe!

Anyways, while eating at Gerry's Grill, I suddenly thought of going to Tagaytay and have that crisp, fresh cool air run up through my nose. It has been hot the past couple of days and I thought Gerry, Ilyn, Jonas and Geoff might be up to it. Without batting an eyelash, we were driving uphill in no time. Gerry must have been tired because for most part of the trip, I saw through my rearview mirror he kinda looked drowsy. Finally he succumbed to sleep. And what a perfect photo opportunity it was! Haha!

With one hand on the wheel, I took the digicam out of its bag with the other. Twisting its lens 180 degrees towards me, I aimed at the back and hoped to get a good shot. I must have taken 3 shots before finding a decent one. Hmmm, Precious!!!

Reaching Tagaytay, we had coffee at Starbucks and just basked outside while sipping cold Frappucino! Haha! Then we went to get some sardined Tawilis at Good Shepherd. A good find I should say. Now I know where to get some ube which my wife loves. Thanks to Ilyn and Gerry for still knowing the way to get there.

We capped the afternoon with some fastfood at good ol' Mushroom Burger. Next thing we knew, we were on our way back to Alabang again. I think that was a good impromtu adventure. Even better because those guys I was with were game all throughout.

Here's a reminder of that "quickie" Tagaytay trip:

Ilyn, Gerry, Jonas, Geoff, Rene

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:: Sunday, March 07, 2004 ::

The past two weekends have been VERY grueling - I had been driving up north on both occasions! The first weekend, I was in La Union, then just last night, I got home from Baguio for a friend's wedding. Though I may be tired and all, both trips gave me the realization that I could moonlight as a bus driver. Hehe!

On a sidenote, I took some snaps and here they are...

Where we stayed...

Ribeye Tapa For Breakfast

Recreated my fave grade one sketch and saw it framed at Lil' John's the next day. Yahoo!

Baguio certainly have its share of flowers.

My friend getting down and dirty with the Lapu-lapu

For me, SM is definitely out of place in Baguio...

Going gaga over Supes!

Lining Up For The Ride

Reality Passing By

Getting A Break

More of Baguio's reality show...

Something For The Tourists

PMA Stumps!

Expressway Rest Area: A Welcome Oasis

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